At Area 59 sixty seconds is all you get to maneuver your robot on the field, picking up, moving and stacking field elements to score points, sound simple? It’s not. The pressure is on, and performing at high levels under these conditions can test even the steadiest nerves.
However, driving is only part of the equation, robots are also programmed to operate without driver input as they navigate the field by processing code entered by team members.
Teams are also required to keep an engineering notebook that documents the build of their robot, the obstacles they faced, and the solutions they discovered. Sound like fun? It sure does to us.
This August Area 59 is launching a robotics league. League activities will continue through February culminating in a league championship which will qualify teams for the State Championship held in Gillette. Winners of the state championship will then be eligible to compete in 2019 VEX Robotics World Championship held in Louisville, Kentucky where students will have the opportunity to compete with teams from around the world.
The league is open to students ages 8-14, and the cost is $65 per individual. Teams will be formed with up to 4 members per team. Sign-ups for teams will start on August 24 from 3pm-7pm at Area 59 located at 3207 South Douglas Highway. Once the team has been organized, and a mentor assigned the fun begins. Robotic kits will be assigned to the groups at the kickoff event on September 1 where participants will meet their team and start building their first robot.
We Need You!
Behind every youth group are individuals for support. Each team will need a mentor. A mentors role is to organize and support the teams, to accomplish the goals they have established. “But I don’t know how to build or program robots.” Fantastic! Your just the person we are looking for. We are offering training for mentors on Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4 from 8-5. Friday you will build your first robot and practice basic programming, on Saturday you will take your robot and do a complete rebuild with advanced programming. It is much easier than you think and you will have a support team learning with you. The knowledge you gain here can then be taught to your group to help them move forward and improve.